NORTH LANDING. One of the largest importer and distributor of fresh, farm-raised Atlantic Salmon on the East Coast, for over twenty-five years.

We are dedicated to supplying our customers with Premium Quality whole salmon, and a full range
of fillets and portions, all at very competitive prices.

All our salmon comes from specially selected farms in Europe and Canada which follow strict guidelines in all regards of raising Atlantic Salmon. We are very proud of our European and Canadian partners for their superb quality of salmon and for being industry leaders in imposing the strictest standards upon themselves in order to produce an environmentally friendly product.


The salmon cages are situated in fast flowing currents in the North Sea and the Atlantic Oceans in a pristine environment. As the salmon swims in the vigorous tidal exchanges the result is a muscular, streamlined, healthy fish, with superior lean muscle tone, which is free of parasites.


The farmed Atlantic Salmon we supply is fed on the highest quality feed in pellet form, made entirely from sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. The use of any form of mammalian product is strictly prohibited. The feed contains no genetically modified ingredients, antibiotics or growth hormones, or any kind of chemical. Farmed salmon grown under these conditions is a safe, nutritious, unadulterated food, free of contaminants. This is a firm, ‘meaty’ fish with a good fat content. It is packed with protein and the Omega 3 Fatty Acids vital to a healthy diet.


All our product is cut to order on the same day of shipping for maximum freshness and shelf life. Our dedicated staff offer friendly and personal service, paying great attention to each customer’s specific requirements. Our fillets and portions are all kosher certified. We can offer a tailor made package for your business, packing to your weight requirements and box sizes, and any detailing on labels that is necessary.


Please feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss how we may enhance your business and increase your profitability.


Creating great partnerships is what North Landing is all about!


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